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Why I love Japanese AV actress Kaya Yonekura

May 7th, 2007 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

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Some people may be wondering…Kaya who? But if you’re a true lover of Japanese pantyhose, then you will surely come to love Kaya Yonekura as much as I do. She’s definitely on my top list of favorite Japanese AV stars. What makes her so hot in my opinion, is that she has an “attainable” cuteness.

What I mean to say is, there are AV actresses out there whom many consider even more beautiful…but to me, they seem unattainable…almost in another realm from the rest of us. They’re too perfect, and while I enjoy looking at them, they don’t turn me on as much as hot girls like Kaya.

She has a cute, down to earth attitude, and looks just like the office lady working in the cubicle next to you…you know, the one you fantasize about every day, but don’t have the courage to ask out. You’re always sneaking glances at her sexy feet and legs in nylons, and she enjoys the attention…cause she’s not a stuck-up supermodel type on an ego trip.

Another thing to love about Kaya Yonekura is, she’s got a smokin’ hot body! Probably one of the best bodies I’ve seen on a Japanese woman. I mean, just take a look at her in the video above…perfect, all-natural breasts, long sexy legs and feet…is it any wonder why she looks so damn fine in a pair of sexy nylons?

Last, of all the Japanese AV actresses out there, Kaya gets me the hardest! The way she moves, the things she says and does…I can’t quite place my finger on it, but she is the hottest of all, and knows how to work her sexy feet all over your cock. She’s into kinky stuff, like having her pantyhose ripped open, and being fucked from behind…or even having her pussy fingered while her nylons are still covering it. Imagine pushing those hose inside her with your hard cock!

For anyone who needs me to refresh their memory, here is a collection of posts which I, and others, have made about Kaya Yonekura in the past:

Now about the YouTube video above…I know we don’t get to see her in pantyhose, but I’m loving that we do get to admire her great body and learn a little more about her personality. I’ll bet those of you who can’t speak Japanese are wondering what she says in the video…well let me translate for you!

K: Yonekura Kaya desu.
(I’m Kaya Yonekura)

Q: Zensei wa nan datta to omoimasu ka?
(What do you think you were in your past life?)

K: Zensei…zensei wa, zou san…zou desu. “My pace” dakara.
(Past life…in my past life, I was an elephant…an elephant. Because I’m a laid back person.)

In Japan the term, “my pace,” was borrowed from English and used to describe people who are mellow and laid back…basically taking life at their own pace. Wow, this says a lot about Kaya, and when I heard her say those words, I gained even more respect. Her boyfriend is truely a lucky man.

But to my surprise, some jealous people were badmouthing her on YouTube, saying she’s ugly, and not hot at all. Looks like they even gave her video a low rating…can you believe that? I urge all Japanese pantyhose lovers of the world to vote for Kaya’s video on YouTube, and show your support for a true Asian AV queen!

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  1. OMGEE Says:

    Oh gosh! I want her to footjob me! And fuck her as well. Say, why the hell was japan legs gone? Where else can I find her past vids?

  2. OL Pantyhose Lover Says:

    I hear you OMGEE. Kaya Yonekura is one of my favs, and it’s a shame that even that video I found on Youtube years ago has also been deleted.

    As for Japan Legs, I don’t know what happened to them. They just quietly closed up shop awhile back, and I haven’t heard anything since. I tried emailing them a few times, but never got a response. A real shame if you ask me, but life goes on.

    I recently reviewed a site which I think is much better than Japan Legs anyway for pantyhose porn from Japan.

    My full review is here if you’re interested: http://www.japanesepantyhose.net/review-of-office-sex-jp-japanese-secretary-pantyhose-porn-site

    As for Kaya Yonekura, I’ve yet to find the original full movies on a site which those old school Japan Legs clips are from. But if you’re just looking for Kaya videos they do have 9 of her movies at J Sex Network now: http://www.japanesepantyhose.net/go/j-sex-network/?page=kaya-yonekura

  3. OMGEE Says:

    If anyone has Kaya’s vids, kindly upload at xnxx.com. I’ll be waiting. Thanks.

    And this is also in behalf of other Kaya Yonekura fans. Thanks again. 🙂

  4. 18195756701 Says:

    r d f y y

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