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Pantyhose foot fetish photo with Asian woman I love

June 27th, 2009 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

Asian pantyhose foot

The other day, I was looking through an older folder of photos, and I came across this pic my buddy from Japan sent me awhile back. I’ve gotta say, it is the one of the hottest pantyhose foot fetish pics ever. So simple, yet so perfect. This photo says it all…does it not? If there’s a heaven on Earth, this man is in it! If only I could be the lucky guy in this pic. I’d love to know who this incredible Asian woman is. I would worship her feet for days!

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  1. wer Says:


  2. luxsury79 Says:

    Nice video,thanks

  3. tenter Says:

    itis very great

  4. derrick brown Says:

    what up baby

  5. Mark Ashworth Says:

    I have another picture of the same girl

  6. das Says:

    what up baby

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