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Three Japanese OL’s in pantyhose fucked from behind

October 9th, 2010 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

Japanese secretaries

If your company ever asks you to transfer to their Tokyo office, consider yourself a very lucky man. You will be surrounded all day by hot Japanese OL’s (office ladies) like these who are willing to blow off a little steam with their co-workers after work. And there is one thing you can be sure of when it comes to sexy secretaries in Japan…they are always wearing pantyhose…it’s a requirement there!

Here we have a lucky salaryman engaging in a threesome with his co-workers behind closed doors. How would you like to pull down the pantyhose of these three hotties and fuck them from behind afterhours? It’s just too fucking hot to see three Japanese asses bent over and waiting to be penetrated. No wonder Japanese businessmen spend such long hours at the office. Who wouldn’t when surrounded by women like this all day?

After watching the videos at Office Sex JP, tell me you’re not considering requesting a transfer to Japan ASAP!

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Mature Asian woman in pantyhose seduces guy with her sexy feet

September 3rd, 2010 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

Mature Asian pantyhose

These mature Asian women in Japan look great in their silky pantyhose, and they also know the power of their sexy feet to seduce. Watch this horny Japanese MILF rubbing her nylon clad feet all over this guy’s crotch until he can’t take it anymore, and is willing to do anything she wants! She then proceeds to sit on his face, and force him to lick her delicious pussy.

Tell me, how bad do you want to grab her feet and sniff them and suck on her toes? A few things you might notice about mature Japanese ladies is: 1) They are hot as hell. 2) They are much hornier than their younger counterparts. And most important of all… 3) They love showing off their legs in silky smooth, sexy pantyhose.

See more older Japanese women at Japanese Matures.

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Sexy race queen models training hard in their nylons

July 17th, 2010 by: OL Pantyhose Lover
YouTube Preview Image

Keeping in the Japanese race queen model mood, here’s a crazy video I found of these hot girls training in their sexy nylon pantyhose. As they lean their long legs back to give us an unfettered view of their nether regions, I can only imagine what it would be like to bury my face in one of these hotties’ crotches.

Fortunately for those of us with a fetish for these cuties…many of them also do some stints in the adult porn industry. So we can see them getting their pantyhose ripped open as they fuck lucky guys on film! If the thought of that gets you hard, then take a look at My Race Queens for more.

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Japanese race queen tied up in pantyhose masturbation video

May 14th, 2010 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

Pantyhose masturbation

This guy has his own Japanese race queen hottie all tied up and with nowhere to go. Now what would you do in his situation? Touch her legs, gliding your hands up those nylons straight to her warm pussy waiting underneath? How long could you go before ripping her pantyhose open to get to that wet little Asian honeypot down below?

This guy takes the patient approach…masturbating her with a vibrator until her clitoris just can’t take it anymore. But his patience pays off, cause by the time he’s done, her pussy is so hot and sweaty under those nylons that ripping them open only reveals a new layer of ecstasy. By now, she’s ready for anything…what’s next?

See for yourself at My Race Queens

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Pantyhose foot fetish photo with Asian woman I love

June 27th, 2009 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

Asian pantyhose foot

The other day, I was looking through an older folder of photos, and I came across this pic my buddy from Japan sent me awhile back. I’ve gotta say, it is the one of the hottest pantyhose foot fetish pics ever. So simple, yet so perfect. This photo says it all…does it not? If there’s a heaven on Earth, this man is in it! If only I could be the lucky guy in this pic. I’d love to know who this incredible Asian woman is. I would worship her feet for days!

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Hot Asian pantyhose fetish with Kaori Sato in tight g-string

December 1st, 2008 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

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When I saw this video of Kaori Sato, I knew I had to post it here on the blog. It’s been awhile since an update here, but I hope this clip makes up for that. For those of us with an Asian pantyhose fetish, the site of a girl like this tugging on her g-string through her hot nylons is enough to make you cum in your pants. Seriously, you could search hardcore porn all day on the net, and find nothing hotter than these pantyhose vids from Japan.

I only wish there were more sites in English devoted to this niche. So far, the best one I know of is still definitely Japan Legs. There is also the pantyhose movie section at Sexy Japanese Theater, which has a lot of Asian and Japanese DVD’s available on pay-per-view. However, my dream is to one day create my own Asian foot and pantyhose fetish site which will blow all the others away! Hey, we can all have dreams can’t we?

Japan Legs Stockings

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Sexy boots and nylons video before Asian facesitting fun

February 13th, 2008 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

Edit (11/30/08): The original video for this post has disappeared off of YouTube now, so I’ve decided to replace it with a different one for your enjoyment. No boots in this video, but I just love staring at her sexy Japanese legs in black pantyhose and high heels…

First, lets enjoy some sexy boots on a Japanese girl in silky nylons. When I found this video online, I knew I had to share it here with all the true pantyhose fans. Watching this girl’s long sexy legs crossing, and uncrossing, got my heart pumping. But nothing is better than the ass shot where we can see her sweet smelling panties peeking out from her skirt. Makes me wanna rip her tights open, and bury my face between her legs for a sniff!Asian facesittingYes, anyone who’s seen Asian facesitting movies in Japan will surely become an addict of sniffing their asses and pussies through panties.

To look up…and see a girl about to smother your face mercilessly with the hottest, most private part of her body…well, it just doesn’t get much better than that.

Wouldn’t you love to be the lucky guy in this video? With Hinano Shirosaki rubbing her delicious Asian ass all over you? That ass is better than any drug.

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Aya Kiguchi strips in sexy pantyhose stockings and cute garter belt

December 26th, 2007 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

This sexy Japanese girl, Aya Kiguchi, is such a beauty, and watching her strip out of that outfit was a real pleasure. But when I saw her dainty little Asian feet in those silky black pantyhose stockings, I got hard as a rock! Don’t you just want to put those sweet Japanese toes in your mouth, and suck them for hours? There really is nothing hotter than a Japanese woman in a garter belt, and sexy nylon stockings…

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Pantyhose feet sex fetish after rubbing silky legs on cock

November 13th, 2007 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

Pantyhose Sex

What better way to warm up on a cold Winter’s night than with a cute Japanese girl’s warm, pantyhose-clad feet rubbing on your cock and balls. There are plenty of nice girls like her who will to do it for you…she’ll rub that cock till it’s throbbing hard…ready to plunge deep into her hot, wet Asian pussy.

Whether you’re a fan of cold weather or not, there is one thing which you’ve gotta love about Wintertime…it’s the best time of year to see Japanese women clad in sexy pantyhose all over the city! Summer in Japan is too hot and humid, so many girls don’t wear tights…instead preferring to show off their smooth bare legs in open-toes high heels. Yes, summer has it’s advantages (imagine hot feet sex with those sexy painted toes), but it’s nothing like Winter…when these girls are horny as hell!

The wide variety of pantyhose and stockings that Tokyo girls wear will blow your mind. Like I said before on this blog…I never was a fan of nylons until I saw these girls, and after that, I became a true addict of Asian pantyhose sex. Luckily, be it Winter or Summer, it’s always Japanese stocking season at Japan Legs!

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Asian facesitting movie with forced Japanese pantyhose toe sucking

October 17th, 2007 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

Asian facesitting

This Japanese pantyhose video has everything you could hope for. Not only will you see hot pantyhose footjobs and toe sucking through sexy black nylons, you’ll also get Asian facesitting that’ll have you dreaming of ass smothering from sexy J-Girls every night of the week. They can use my face for a chair anytime they like!

Imagine having a hot Japanese girl riding your face with her pantyhose as you are forced to sniff her crotch, then suck her delicious toes. What’s the reward for allowing her to use your face as a cushion? How about having her warm, nylon-clad feet working your throbbing cock until you cum uncontrollably like never before?!

Man, what I wouldn’t give to be an actor in Japanese facesitting movies like this!

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