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Office Lady touches dick under table with her feet

May 7th, 2012 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

Feet under table

Another epic clip from a movie at Office Sex JP here. A couple of young office ladies start touching a salaryman’s dick under the table with their sexy feet. Sexual harassment indeed…but if any of us nylon lovers were on the receiving end of this, I’m sure there would be no complaints filed.

What could push a nice office lady to do something so risky? As we know, the corporate office culture can be pretty high-stress, especially in a big city like Tokyo. When people get pushed over the edge, they sometimes act out in unpredictable ways. It’s one of the reasons why the affair rate is so high among office co-workers. All that sexual tension can be too much, and sometimes it’s necessary to have a quick release in a back room…or in this case, a pantyhose footjob under the desk.

Must be nice working in an office surrounded by sweet Japanese OL’s. Those guys in Japan don’t know how lucky they are!

Office Sex JP

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  1. Manin Says:

    der minirock ist so schf6n srmatm an den strumpfhosenschenkeln.da kann man den schwanz gut zwischenklemmen und sich dran reiben bis beides vollgespritzt ist

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