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Devoted to sexy Japanese women in pantyhose, stockings, and nylons

Japanese women with nylon legs playing footsie

February 9th, 2007 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

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What do we have here? A very special treat for all of you fellow Nippon nylon lovers. Two classy Japanese women in high heels playing footsie, and rubbing those long, sexy, nylon legs all over eachother.

For me, this video is almost too hot to handle! Yet there’s no tits, ass, or fucking…how can that be? I’ll tell you how: the sight of Japanese legs in pantyhose is enough to make those with a true stockings fetish cream their pants…that’s how serious it is. The crazy thing is, I used to be strictly anti-pantyhose.

But everything changed after coming to Japan. Seeing the beautiful women here, in all those crazy designs of stockings and nylons just made me wanna rub up on their sexy legs, and let them smother my face with their perfect Asian asses and feet (which they love to do)!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this video. It is 5 minutes of pure, pantyhose devotion, the likes of which you will only find in Japan. They are true masters of the artform! But be forewarned…watching these women rubbing their long sexy legs, giggling and playing footsie with eachother, is only gonna make you want more and more!

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2 Responses

  1. hot4hose Says:

    we never got to see this but it sounds intense. you lucky sod experiencing what you have. i would love to go to japan even just to see all those pantyhosed legs. my girl said my dick would be hard all the time which would be good because then i would have to fuck her lots.

  2. OL Pantyhose Lover Says:

    Yes, I just noticed that it appears this video was removed from where I found it on YouTube. Quite a shame as it was one of the hottest 5 minutes of pantyhose footage I’ve ever seen.

    No tits or pussy…not even any nudity. But seeing those hot Japanese legs in high heels rubbing up against eachother made me hard in an instant. Too bad it’s gone.

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