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Cute Japanese girl in thigh-high stockings

October 24th, 2006 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

sexystockingsSomething I’ve been seeing a lot of in Tokyo these days is cute Japanese girls in thigh-high stockings. I’m sure some of you pantyhose fans can appreciate this look, especially when they go all the way up to their hot little mini-skirts.

There’s this cute Japanese girl I met at a club here in Tokyo who wears the tightest mini-skirts with her sexy thigh-high stockings. It’s so hot to see that little area of skin where her stockings stop, and that mini-skirt starts. Of course, she’s always walking in either high-heels, or super sexy boots.

I’m telling you, Japanese girls are pros when it comes to looking good and strutting their stuff in those stockings and heels is just one example of many. I think girls in other countries need to take notes from some of these hotties.

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