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Asian women having sex wearing pantyhose

February 28th, 2007 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

pantyhose sex porn videoThis is one of my favorite Japanese cuties, Kaya Yonekura, and here she is in a great nylon ripping, Asian race queen fucking movie.

I think those who love having sex with women wearing pantyhose are gonna love the hot movies of Kaya over at Japan Legs.

These guys can’t control their Japanese pantyhose cravings. Once they see her long Asian legs poking outta that tight little race queen outfit…the sex is on! In all the excitement, he even fingers her pussy with the nylons still covering her tight hole!

Next thing you know, they’re ripping her stockings open to get deeper and deeper…and plunge that cock in her wet, waiting pussy. You’re gonna see this hot Asian woman having rough sex while wearing her torn open pantyhose…

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  1. hot4hose Says:

    one of my favorites and a real dickhardener. there is nothing sexier than a japanese girl in pantyhose – nothing. i would love to fuck her through those nylons and squirt my come all over the bottoms of her nylon feet. thanks for this one.

  2. OL Pantyhose Lover Says:

    Yes, one of my favorites too. So nice to meet a true connoisseur who appreciates the beauty of a pair of sexy Japanese legs in pantyhose. I am truely addicted!

  3. hot4hose Says:

    back for another look. just cant get enough. wouldnt it be great to see how far you could push her pantyhose into her pussy with your cock. this one is so sexy she deserves to come during sex about a hundred times. thanks again.

  4. Why I love Japanese AV actress Kaya Yonekura Says:

    […] Asian women having sex wearing pantyhose […]

  5. bob Says:

    they need to fuck black guys

  6. greg Says:

    Do race queens ever wear black pantyhose? I would love to see a race queen in black panthose getting fucked and having her toes sucked at the same time

  7. dee Says:

    I want to see hot sex on the platter with women showing everything no clothes on what so ever just so gay I would come in the computer and sex em’

  8. corey Says:

    is there a japanese site that has some free clips (short or long) that has these great and gorgeous women?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    hi meet you

  10. I want to see sexy women fucking each other. Says:

    Fuck hard sexy women.

  11. Jammo Says:

    Where can I find Yonekura Aya’s race queen outfit video like the screenshot above?

  12. OL Pantyhose Lover Says:

    Hi Jammo, unfortunately the site that video was featured on (Japan Legs) is no longer in business.

    Your best bet would be to try looking for it over at My Race Queens as it’s the only Japanese race queen porn site I know of at the moment which is available in English.

    I’ll update if I get any more info on it.

  13. John Haslett Says:

    I want to have sex and kiss a Japanese woman wearing pantyhose.
    I love the touch and feel of her nice pretty, silky pantyhose legs and feet beside my skin.
    Kisses for you.

  14. maxlepas Says:

    Where can i find this video of Kaya Yonekura?????

  15. Leslie Says:

    I like what I see like pantyhose

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