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Asian pantyhose fetish and a cute OL spreading

October 27th, 2006 by: OL Pantyhose Lover


Do you have an Asian pantyhose fetish? Nobody knows panties like the Japanese, and this cute OL is waiting for you to bury your face in hers. This is a girl from one of my favorite new Asian porn sites, and she’s spreading her legs to give you a better view of her sexy white cotton panties.

I really like Teens From Tokyo, cause they have a nice variety of Japanese porn with everything from Asian girls in pantyhose, to hot internal creampies in tight Tokyo teen pussy. I recommend this awesome new site!

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  2. pantyhosespanker Says:

    i absolutly love the way sexxy asian women love to wear the sweetest panties with there pantyhose!!! also love to be teased by asian women in pantyhose!!!

  3. ol sniper Says:

    씨발 존나 맛있겠다!일본 냄비는 쫀득한 보지가 꽉 쪼이면서 벌렁거리는게 최곧!

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