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Asian foot licking with Japanese teacher

January 12th, 2007 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

asian foot lickingThis is my kinda teacher, and I’m sure anyone else with a Japanese foot fetish is gonna agree with me on that one!

You wanted Asian foot licking? You got it folks!!!

This student is about to go to nylon heaven as his hot Japanese teacher rubs her sexy feet and pantyhose all over his face.

It makes her feel good to put her pretty little Asian toes in his mouth and force him to suck. Even hotter is that this awesome babe makes him lick her feet while her sexy pantyhose are still on!

Didn’t I tell you the Japanese know pantyhose porn? The foot licking clips you see here are only a preview of what awaits you…
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  1. hot4hose Says:

    this one is so hot my cock will be stiff all night long. would be great to fuck that little bitch right through her pantyhose/

  2. hot4hose Says:

    had to show my girlfriend. told me to write this while she sucks my cock.

  3. OL Pantyhose Lover Says:

    You’re a lucky man to have such an understanding girlfriend. I’d love to have a nice girl sucking my cock while enjoying this intense Asian foot licking video from Japan. In fact, just the mere thought of having this Japanese babe’s hot, pantyhose-clad feet in my mouth is enough to bring me to climax.

  4. hot4hose Says:

    cant get away from this one. yes my girlfriend is very understanding. she is spanish/filipino and knows i love asian women. she loves it when i get turned on by these sites because she knows i will fuck her brains out. she will do anything to turn me on and loves wearing pantyhose because it makes my cock so stiff. she comes very easily and frequently which is a huge turnon and loves to watch me shoot my load. i will show her my comment later when she comes home and pump her silly (if i can hold out that long i am so hard now) thanks

  5. hot4hose Says:

    another look at one of my favorites. if this girl had been one of my teachers i wouldnt have been able to focus on anything except her shiny nylon legs. how nice it would have been to prop her feet up on the desk and remove her shoes (the mere sight of her sexy hose covered feet would have most likely made me cream my pants) then tickle the bottoms of her nylon feet with a feather. her giggling would only turn me on more and i would soon be sucking her toes and licking the bottoms of her feet. then after i couldnt take it anymore i would rub my cock all over the bottoms of her feet and glue her stockings to her feet with my sticky hot sperm. she would then put her come soaked feet back into her shoes and walk around and i would think about all that come squishing around her feet. it would excite me so much i would have to have another go. thanks so much for this one. great fantasy.

  6. Two-Face Says:

    Oh I love this teacher! I love her beautiful and stinky feet! I want to lick between these toes and to smell all her feet! I want to be her slave!

  7. dqwd Says:


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