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October 24th, 2006 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

This is a site for everyone who has a Japanese Pantyhose fetish. To tell you the truth, I never was a big pantyhose guy until I came to Japan. But after seeing all these Japanese girls out here with their smooth sexy legs wrapped in silky pantyhose, I became addicted.

Now I can’t stop looking at these Japanese OL’s (Office Ladies) in their conservative office attire, with those pantyhose clad feet in their sexy high heels. Everytime one of these women brushes up against me on the train, I get an instant erection, and it takes all the strength I have to keep it down.

I’m gonna be writing about my experiences with these girls here, as well as the girls at my favorite sites. I have a serious pantyhose fetish now, and when I’m not fucking these girls in my free time, I’m at home jacking off to the Japanese pantyhose babes on these awesome porn sites.

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  1. Billy Says:

    I’m aflicted with the same passion and would apreciate some advice on where to see more?

  2. OL Pantyhose Lover Says:

    Hey Billy, just keep on reading, and you’ll find plenty of sites with tons of Japanese pantyhose!

  3. jscott Says:

    hey OL Stockings, is there a contact area or link trade page you have? i’d like to trade with you 🙂

  4. sushiman Says:

    I’ve been here for 20 years …and one of the main reasons is my addiction to Japanese women and their feet& legs wrapped in pantyhose !

  5. sushiman Says:

    OL ,

    I’d sure like to hear about your experiences with girls here in Japan .

    I had to yank the crank to the Aya Kiguchi video yesterday . I’d crawl on my hands and knees for 10 miles just to suck on her black nylon clad big toe for one minute !

  6. Rob Says:

    anyone know what happened to avleg.com?

    I have been turned on by pantyhose since before I knew what sex was. Seriously, my first boner came from riding around on my aunt’s pantyhose encased foot 4 or 5. I’ve only become more addicted as time went on. When I discovered a site that combined another fetish of mine- Japanese women- with pantyhose…well..I was planning a trip. But til I can get there…avleg was a good substitute. I’d appreciate knowing if they’re still around. I can be reached at sybarite4@gmail.com

  7. OL Pantyhose Lover Says:


    Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been away from the blog for awhile.

    Thanks for sharing your story. I have no idea how my fetish started. Just from an early age, I’ve been addicted to Asian girls’ sexy feet…especially when their feet and legs are in pantyhose! I love footjobs from them, and also love sucking on their delicious toes.

    To answer your question, avleg.com has been gone for quite awhile. Not sure what happened to them, but the site’s been redirecting to Google for at least a year now. I had a membership there too, but found the owner to be kind of flaky, so it doesn’t surprise me the site is no longer in business.

    If you’re looking for an alternative, give the site I just reviewed here a try: http://www.japanesepantyhose.net/review-of-office-sex-jp-japanese-secretary-pantyhose-porn-site

    I think you’ll find it much better than the old avleg.com in everything from the amount of content, to site navigation and support. I’ve found the site owners to be very helpful and also open to suggestions.

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