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A ride on the train in Tokyo

January 26th, 2007 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

Anyone who’s been to Tokyo knows that the trains are some of the most crowded in the world. Usually, you’re packed in next to a bunch of salarymen and geezers, but every now and then, you luck out…and tonight was one of those lucky nights.

It’s January, and we’re in the dead of winter in Japan. I hate cold weather, but there is one positive thing about it…the girls are sporting their sexy pantyhose all over the city!

Anyway, I was waiting in line at the train platform, wondering how packed the train was gonna be tonight. Normally I’m packed in tight, surrounded by old salarymen with bad breath, picking their noses, and coughing in my face. Yep, I’ve got back luck on these trains. It’s pure hell being stuck in that coffin of doom for one hour, five nights a week!

But just before the train rolled up, a beautiful Japanese OL (office lady) walked up, and got in my line. I couldn’t help checking her out from head to toe. She looked to be about in her 20’s, and had a smokin’ hot body with a nice round ass. Best of all, that nice ass was packaged in a short skirt, with a pair of long, sexy pantyhose clad legs, leading all the way down to her classy high heels.

I just love all the styles of pantyhose that Japanese girls wear here in Tokyo. This hot OL had on some black nylons with a criss-cross design that looked like a black version of the pantyhose this Japanese office lady has on. Needless to say, I was hoping to get crammed in close to this sexy female once the packed train rolled up.

The doors opened, and we made our way in. But in the chaos of the pushing and shoving, we got separated with a couple of old salarymen in between us. ‘Damn!,’ I thought to myself. The train was so packed, I couldn’t even move my arm up to scratch my nose. ‘One more hour crammed in with some old salarymen, as usual’ I thought.

As the train made its way to the next station, I caught the sexy OL checking me out in the reflection of the window, and she even turned her head to take a look, giving me a nice little smile before looking away quickly…I immediately felt warm all over, and my heart started racing!

Most Japanese girls are pretty shy when it comes to strangers, and anyone who’s been to Tokyo knows it’s pretty rare for a random, cute Japanese girl to make eye contact with you and smile. I was feeling pretty good about this!

When the train stopped, people shifted around to get on and off, and I noticed she moved herself a little closer to me as the next crowd rushed on. But there was still another salaryman stuck in between us. Now she was close enough to smell her perfume. It was so nice! Not too strong at all, but a subtle female scent to distract my mind from the fact that I was crammed into a situation never meant for human beings.

It was at the next station that a miracle happened. As the crowd pushed their way on again, the train became so packed that I even had trouble breathing. But as the ocean-like current of bodies flooded in, the cute OL made her way even closer, and moved right in front of me!

I was pushed directly into her by the crowd, and had to grab the pole above, to brace myself, and also to keep from knocking her over onto the people in the seats below. At first, her ass was not quite perfectly lined up with me. But to my surprise, she shifted her body until her hot little booty was square up against me, basically pushing my cock right in the middle of her soft little tushy!

She moved her head back, right underneath my face, and now the wonderful scent of her womanhood was making me dizzy with delight. ‘My hell has just been turned into a heaven!’ I thought to myself.

I tried to control it, but I could feel the blood rushing to my cock as it started to grow larger in her soft, warm ass. Can you imagine the predicament I was in? What if she wasn’t interested in me? Or even if she was, would she get turned off and think I’m a pervert after feeling my cock getting hard against her?

Do you know how hard it is to control an erection when you’ve got a soft and sexy young Japanese OL pressed up tight against your body? I could feel myself getting harder and harder by the second, but she didn’t move her ass away at all. In fact, I could feel her slowly pushing it harder into me. ‘What’s she trying to do? Make me cum right here in the middle of the train?!’ I wondered.

I tried thinking about other things to take my mind off it, and eventually managed to get my dick to begin shrinking down a little. But I lost my concentration, and once I realized the awesome situation I was in, my cock started growing all over again!

As the train jerked and jostled, my dick was getting pushed around in her ass, and this fine Japanese OL even pushed her ass right back into me, rubbing and stimulating my cock over and over…I thought I was about to shoot my load right there!

Time flew by, and before I knew it, my station up next. Usually, I can’t wait to get off the damn packed Tokyo trains, but this was not one of those times. I wanted to say something, get her number…anything!

But that was impossible. Too many people around, too embarrassing, you know the drill. When the train doors opened, I sadly made my way for the exit. But on the way out, I took one last look at her, this beautiful, sexy Japanese OL. She glanced back, and gave me a subtle, knowing smile, before shyly looking away…that is a wonderful woman.

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  1. Shaved pussy under this Japanese girl’s pantyhose Says:

    […] A ride on the train in Tokyo […]

  2. hot4hose Says:

    you lucky bugger. how tempting it must have been to take your cock out and hike it under her dress so you could rub your cock up and down her nylon ass before shooting a huge load of sperm all over her pantyhose.

  3. OL Pantyhose Lover Says:

    It took all the will power I could muster not to do exactly that! And how nervous I was at first to grow hard pressed up against the sexy ass of a beautiful Japanese OL on a crowded public train. But I thanked my lucky stars I was up against her, and not some old, drunken businessman (which is usually the case). Yes, I hate packed trains in Tokyo…but every now and then, you luck out!

  4. kojiro akanishi Says:

    LOL dude thats freaking awsome i live in tokyo im japanese but i dont have to worry about trains i drive to work lol i own 2cars

  5. SomeGuy Says:

    Oh Jesus, that is so phucking beautiful! I would have blown my load on the spot.

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