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Ai Mukai rubs her pantyhose clad ass on cock

September 3rd, 2017 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

Ai Mukai

Ai Mukai has a great pair of legs which are incredible in a pair of pantyhose. Now just imagine that sexy ass of hers rubbing up on your cock until you are begging for her to pull down those nylons to get access her her honey pot down below.

Her feet are perfect, and when she takes off her shoes and stockings, you will find it hard to resist the urge to go down for a sniff, and to lick the salty sweat from her toes, and the base of her soles.

Ai Mukai gives a Footjob here

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Race Queen Aya lets you cum on her feet

April 12th, 2017 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

Aya Kisaki

Race Queen Aya Kisaki has a pair of long and sexy legs that look so silky in pantyhose, and she wants you to cum all over her feet. But first, she will rub her sexy toes all over your face, and let you suck on them while she fondles your cock. It is pure foot fetish heaven, and before you know it, she will have her feet on your manhood bringing you to a climax to remember.

Do yourself a favor, and take a few moments to watch this video preview of what Aya does with her legs and feet: Race Queen Aya Kisaki

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Your Cock Between Her Warm Sexy Feet

January 12th, 2015 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

pantyhose footjob

If you are lucky enough to work in an office in Japan, you may be surrounded by hot and horny pantyhose clad office ladies such as this who you can strike up an affair with. Take your co-worker into a back room, and let her pull those hot feet out of her high heel pumps to rub on your hard cock.

The feel of those toes brushing up against the tip of your penis is simply too much to bear, and it will not be long until you are cumming all over her! Though they may appear very conservative and proper, you will be surprised at what these Japanese secretaries are willing to do!

See these Hot Secretaries in Action at Office Sex JP

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Sweet Smelling Pantyhose Of Japanese Race Queen

May 31st, 2014 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

Japan race queen

Japanese race queens are some of the hottest girls you could hope to meet, with their long sexy legs and pretty feet which look excellent in their incredible high heels. They really know how to get the guys excited, and are a pantyhose fetishist’s dream come true due to the fact that they always dress up in silky smooth nylons which are truly boner inducing.

This race queen by the name of Kaori is showing off her sexy ass, and would like for you to rub your cock right there between her thong and those silky hose. You know how sweet those nylons must smell, and she takes off her shoes to give you better access to her amazing feet and delicious pheromones. You could worship and suck on those toes for days before ripping her pantyhose open from back and penetrating her hot and wet honey pot!

Get Your Japanese Leg Fix On at My Race Queens

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Beautiful Legs of Miku Oguri in Pantyhose Explored

April 25th, 2014 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

Miku Oguri

Miku Oguri is a beautiful Japanese girl with long sexy legs, and a great ass which looks extremely hot in a pair of pantyhose. She is very open to allowing you to explore your leg fetish fantasies, and once you get a sniff of her sweet smelling feet, her incredible scent going to make you dizzy with excitement. How long could you hold back from ripping open her silky stockings to get to the treasure which awaits beneath?

Miku wet pantyhose

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Pantyhose footjob from Kaede Oshiro

February 4th, 2014 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

Kaede Oshiro stocking

Here is a site which is taking the Japanese leg fetish to new heights…and by that I mean 100% uncensored videos of beauties such as Kaede Oshiro above having their pantyhose ripped and fucked, and jerking cocks off with their sexy little feet.

Here Kaede can be seen in a variety of leggings, from pantyhose to fishnet stocking and garter belts. She rubs a lucky guy’s cock off with her nylons-clad feet, and you can just imagine how good it must feel to have her warm, soft toes taking you to straight into sexual climax.

Support such high quality work as this by paying a visit to Legs Japan!

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Licking the foot of a beautiful young Asian office girl

November 25th, 2012 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

Pantyhose Foot Lick

Take a look at that beautiful foot and know that it’s nice, warm, and fresh out of the high heels she’s been walking in all day. That is heaven right there my friend. To put your face right up to her sexy feet, and inhale her female pheromones before licking the salty sweat from her toes. Working long hours at an office job in Japan may be stressful sometimes, but it also has its perks. Namely, being surrounded by sexy office girls like the ones featured in videos at Office Sex JP.

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Race queen’s pantyhose ripped open

September 9th, 2012 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

Ripped pantyhose

There’s something hot about the sight of a sexy babe having her pantyhose ripped open before sex. This Japanese race queen’s pussy looks pretty wet (as you can see once her panties are exposed), and seems like the guy couldn’t hold back from getting access to it any longer. Must smell so damn good under those panties. I fucking love Japanese race queens.

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Office Lady touches dick under table with her feet

May 7th, 2012 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

Feet under table

Another epic clip from a movie at Office Sex JP here. A couple of young office ladies start touching a salaryman’s dick under the table with their sexy feet. Sexual harassment indeed…but if any of us nylon lovers were on the receiving end of this, I’m sure there would be no complaints filed.

What could push a nice office lady to do something so risky? As we know, the corporate office culture can be pretty high-stress, especially in a big city like Tokyo. When people get pushed over the edge, they sometimes act out in unpredictable ways. It’s one of the reasons why the affair rate is so high among office co-workers. All that sexual tension can be too much, and sometimes it’s necessary to have a quick release in a back room…or in this case, a pantyhose footjob under the desk.

Must be nice working in an office surrounded by sweet Japanese OL’s. Those guys in Japan don’t know how lucky they are!

Office Sex JP

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Review of Office Sex JP – Japanese secretary pantyhose porn site

December 28th, 2010 by: OL Pantyhose Lover

Office Sex JP

For those of us with a serious Japanese pantyhose fetish, there aren’t many places to go to get our fix. I’ve gotten some comments from people who are sad about sites like Japan Legs which have closed up, leaving them nowhere to go. I was bummed when that site closed a couple of years ago, and have been waiting for something new to come out ever since. Well, here is a site with exactly what I’ve been waiting for, and I’ve decided to do a review of it here today for those who might be interested in joining.

Office Sex JP is a site devoted to a topic many here can relate to…the fantasy of ripping open the pantyhose of a sexy Japanese office lady, getting to her sweet honey pot waiting underneath…sniffing and sucking on her feet, rubbing them up on your face…on your cock. Yep, the kind of movies being produced in huge numbers in Japan, which unfortunately many of us non-Japanese don’t have access to. Well, I should say DIDN’T have access to, cause at this site you will.

In my opinion, it blows the old Japan Legs site away, and let me explain why. The creators of Office Sex JP, are also the makers of other sites filled with Japanese pantyhose fetish movies such as My Race Queens, JP Teacher, JP Nurse, etc. In fact, they have a huge network of excellent Japanese porn sites, and with a membership at one site, you get full free access to the whole network:

Yes, join one site and get full access to all the sites listed above. It doesn’t matter which site you sign up at. Your username and password will work at all their sites for the duration of your membership. The current sign up options available are $29.95 for 30 days ($1 a day), $59.95 for 90 days ($0.67 a day), or $89.95 for 1 year ($0.25 a day). Depending on how much downloading you’ll be doing, you can decide which deal is the best for you. There are 6000+ Japanese porn videos in this network, and they are constantly adding fresh movies, so just make sure you’ve got a huge hard drive.

Office Sex JP signup

Once you’ve got you’re username and password setup, you can login and get to downloading some of the best Japanese office lady pantyhose porn on the net:

Office Sex JP login

After logging in, and clicking on the “Videos” menu, you’ll be able to navigate through all the movies on the site. You can choose how many videos to display per page…12 per page, 24 per page, 48 per page, or view all (Click images below for larger view):

Office Sex JP videos

So let’s click on a movie. I clicked on the one at the bottom left with the girl about to put her sexy pantyhose clad foot in that lucky guy’s mouth. You now have a couple of options available: First, you can watch the movie directly at the site in tube style format (High Definition available). Notice also the thumbnails which are scrollable below the video…this is a convenient way to quickly jump to any scene in the movie which interests you:

Office Sex JP video

Alternatively, you can scroll down and download the entire movie directly to your computer. Formats available for download are Low Quality (MP4), Normal Quality (MPEG), and High Quality (AVI). Notice also that when you scroll down, below each video there are clickable categories and tags associated with it. Clicking one will display other movies similarly tagged “Foot Fetish”, “Facesitting”, etc…

Office Sex JP video 2

Scroll down even further, and you’ll see more related movies (similar tags/categories) at Office Sex JP, and below that, there are related movies from other sites in the network. As you are already logged in with your username and password, clicking on any movie from a different site will take you instantly to that movie, at that site. No need to login again. The way these guys have set up the navigation of their sites is truly excellent:

Office Sex Video 3

If you feel like jumping to another site at anytime, you can also just click on the menu at the top, and a drop down menu will display of all the sites. Once again, as you are already logged in you can jump directly to any site from this menu, and start downloading more movies. I hovered my mouse over the menu in the screenshot below:

Office Sex JP network

Alternatively, you can click “Network Sites” in the menu above, and go to a page linking to all the sites, with full descriptions of each site.

In conclusion, the navigation of the sites, categorization of the movies, and amount of fresh content available is the best I’ve seen in a J Porn site. They completely blow the old Japan Legs out of the water, and the fact that a single site membership gives you access to all the others listed above just puts it over the top. Happy New Year to all my friends with a fetish for beautiful Asian women in pantyhose!

Click Here for Office Sex JP

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